Sunday, June 5, 2016

Canal art 2016 in Delft

We had to do some shopping.... and stumbled into the Canal Art of Delft.
The reflection adding an extra dimension.

Colourful arrows pointing at themselves.

Are they painted or is it just the color of the water?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

An ondulating mirror...

Today the weather must have been optimal for taking pictures of "reflections in canals". It was bright and the water was moving, but not to much. I love this picture.


Sometimes there is to much wind, or the water is to warm and becomes restless. Until now I thought winter was the best time. When it gets cold, almost freezing, the water becomes a bit "slow"; that's ideal.

Fighting geese....

Spring is in the air... some clean their house... others fight with their rivals.

                                                             To close for comfort...

They byte!

The one on the right lost.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Copacabana clouds......

At the end of a day visiting the city of Rio we would have liked to sit on the roof terrace of our hotel  in Copacabana to look at the flocks of Fregat birds passing... But most of the time the clouds arrived just at the same time and we had to go inside because of the heavy thunder storms.

The skies were magnificent. Rolling clouds and sharp contrasts because of a low sun together with low hanging clouds. These pictures don't need any comments.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

"The Olympics are more than the Games..."

Far from the busy center of Rio, in the Barra neighborhood, the "Barra Olympic Park" is nearing completion. The park was closed off. So the pictures had to be taken from outside the fence. I loved the very imaginative architecture, that made me think of outer space, flying saucers and mushrooms at the same time. Good to look at.

The bright Tennis stadium...

On the left of the tennis stadium is the Velodrome; the flying saucer that has just landed.

Behind the velodrome are some "galactic mushrooms"; the "Carioca Arenas".

Next to the Velodrome is the  "Rio Olympic Arena"

Beneath you can just see the Olympic peninsula on the left sticking out into the "Lagoa de Jacarepagu√°" (...... the Bay of Crocodiles !!! - don't worry.. no Olympic swimming in there)

From this place the Olympic city is (growing) more or less behind my back.

This statement that the Olympics are more than the games.....  Sure... it will become true in Rio.

The Barra Olympic Park is just one of the Olympic locations. For more see the Olympic site.

The start and final of the marathon will be in the city at the renovated Sobrodomo (the famous Carnaval stadium).

 And when you say Football!! Then there is the Olympic stadium.

 But don't forget the renovated Maracana Stadium.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A view of tomorrow....

There is a nice terrace on the top of the Museum of Art in Rio where you have a breathtaking view of the Guanabara Bay and the Museum of Tomorrow.  Look at the (moving) "wings", look at all the ships and the bridge.

All the while planes arrive at the Santos Dumont aiport.

A closer look on the land shows activities everywhere. The building in front of us is empty. What an impressive sight....!! I suppose it will be renovated. Must be a good investment. I heard that the company of Trump is investing here somewhere...

Further into the street people are working on an old white house. Rio still has a lot of beautiful old houses that need to be renovated. Of course there is the big problem of finding enough money. And here there is another big question ...  Who can afford to live here tomorrow! Where is the solution for affordable housing in livable area's.

Here the job is almost finished. And it is going to be fine!!

Everywhere in the city there is a lot of activity because the Olympics are coming. Public transport!! How to manage this in this crowded old city with many narrow streets. It has to be ready before the Games. Time is running.... But the city has to win this Marathon.

And both work hard!

Around the corner from "Tomorrow" there is a part of the Rio of the past.

What will be the fate of these  houses on this first class location with a view of  "Tomorrow"?